Healthy Living Daily Record: 11/5/11

Breakfast: 1 bowl fried rice + 1 bowl cereal = 350 + 150

Lunch: Mexican Salad = 350

Dinner: 2 bowl of soup + 1 bowl of other soup = 200 + 200

Midnight snake: 1 bowl cereal + 1 mini bag of cereal + 1 bowl grapes = 150 + 200+ 100

Total: 1700 calories

The good: UM.. IDK WHAT TO SAY!! Damn it. I feel bad. I did so many mess-up thing today and I am quite ashamed about myself. BUt I guess the only thing that I did “right” today, was snapping out of my “not-so-great” day.. and getting back on my feet.

The bad: WOW.. i DONT even know where to begin. This morning, I was kinda mad at my mom.. and we got into an argument.. And gosh.. I’m such a bad daughter. Sometime, my dad is right, I don’t appreciate my parents enough. They love me so much… and yet, I don’t treat them well. I need to stop that.

THAT’S IT.. i WILL! arggh. From now ON, everytime when I’m in a bad mood upon waking up.. or anything, I WILL keep thing to myself and be silent. If I’m not saying good thing, then I might as well not say anything at all. My parents are very important to me, and I will change my behavior to them. I will tape my mouth whenever I am cranky.

Another thing is that, I am so behind with my school schedule. (Lol.. aren’t I’m always behind) I NEED TO CATCH UP. That’s it, tonight is gonna be dedicated to WORKING HARD!

Right. And.. hopefully all the bad things end there for today. Also.. the calories intake today was kinda bad. I think the midnight snack screw me up! Let’s not do that again …

“Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.” -unknown

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