Healthy Living: Adjusting to the Weather

Every once in awhile, life throw you a curve ball. And I think, I am going this this ordeal. Or.. I could be wrong..

Well.. HELLO WORLD. i JUST HIT 122 LBS! 😀 YAY! That’s a 2 lbs drop right there! 🙂 What could be better?

Well.. in exchange, I got sick. My throat is kinda soar and my head is kinda tingling.. which is not/ NEVER a good sign. So.. I’m wondering.. what do I need to do to get better.. while not gaining weight during the sick season?

Well.. I tend to notice is that when I get sick, I don’t care what I ate.. I just ate thing to make me happy..and that is very very bad for my weight.. as well for my sickness. ..and this usually prolong my rate of recovery.

So, I just look up some of the few things I should eat when I’m sick.. and suprisingly, everything seem to emphanise on drinking a lot of water, eating vegetables and fruits, eathing healthy amount of proteins such as fish, eggs, and chicken.. and last but not least, they suggest, I try hot lemonade, hot tea, milk.. and even greek yogurt. They even warn me to stay away from chocolate and fatty food.

I’m very surprised at the menu! .. and I’m also very happy. I guess.. I will be able to adapt because I’m currently eating those food anyway.. However, I do tend to overwork myself and not get enough rest.. but I can fix that. Well.. I guess, I should start adjusting my living, studying, and eating habit for this sick season 🙂

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