I’m back.. :)

HEllo there dear world!

Yes, I must admit, I have been extremely unactive for the last 2 weeks. Why? It’s all b/c of school.. and midterms. As of today, I have completed 2 of my midterms.. and I won’t be seeing another test until .. next week. Lol, but, that mean this is the time period for me to rest up and prepared for the upcoming battle!

As for my eating habit, I have noticed that I have undergo some unsual eating trend in the last 2 weeks.

Time: weekend of week1

During this time, I was at UC Davis, and .. my god, I ate like crazy. Also, there wasn’t any “healthy” food on the road, so my meals often consist of fast, greasy, sugary food.

Time: week1

WHen I got back from UC davis for the weekend, my life became a race against time.I had only 4 days to study for my BIo midterm.. and I had a bunch load of “other” homework and tasks to complete. During this time, I averaged about 2-3 hours per night for 3 consectutive night. Yes, i was living a nightmare. Worse, my main liquid consumption consists of only Coffee and energy drinks. I drank more coffee than I did with water. Because of this lack of sleep and the dehydration from coffee, my body was overly stressed and tired; thus, I began eating fatty, greasy, non-heath food again. Worse off, I was eating everything in sight. I had no resistance and became prey to ever eating temptation. .. lol,.. yea.. a very bad and tiring week.

TIme Week2

After week1, I knew that I needed to change. Thus, right after completing my bio midterm, I immediately checked my weight.. and reanylized my current situation. I realized that I will probably be heading down the same route during week2 because I also had a Organic Chemistry midterm that Friday. Thus this time, I focused all of my energy being “stressed” out about the upcoming midterm that my body began eating less. I didn’t even feel hungry when I skipped breakfast, lunch, and ALMOST dinner.. It was crazy. I didn’t really did not feel the urge to eat or drink anything. Again, I average about 3-4 hours of sleep per night for the next 4 night, but then again, no cravings. I didn’t want french fries, nor chocolate candies. .. or anything.

It was kinda scary b/c I knew that this wasn’t heatlthy. My body was too overly tired, occupired and stressed to desired to eat. This was a bad sign. I don’t know much about the living body, but I do know that when you stop eating.. your doing something wrong. So, This time, I forced myself to “eat” breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

End Result:  Friday of Week2

So, I just finished taking my Organic Chemistry midterm just a few hours ago, and now I’m just sitting here and relaxing on my laptop.

I find it very odd in the way my body behaved in the last 2 weeks. In my opinion, both ways seems EXTREMELY unhealthy. I think I have probably gained weight.. but I’m never too sure because I didn’t bother to check the scales in like 2 weeks. So as of today, everything will be back to normal until midterm session starts again.

However, I am far coming done with my schooly tasks. I still need to reanalyzie my eating habits, and then my studying habit and come up with a new plan.. b/c at this rate, I’m going to gained every single lbs I have lost.. b/c of SCHOOL. And.. I’m not going to let THAT happen to me again!

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