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It’s 2 AM right now. I am exhausted. I haven’t sleep for more than 4 hours for the last 2 days… and yet, the clock is still ticking..I feel I am at the race against time. My Midterm is 1 day way, 24 hours. I am scared and kinda terrified.

I wonder how did I get myself in this position where time is an issue. Thinking back, the trip to UC Davis was a mistake, I think I made that mistakes.

I think I ate over 2000 calories today, I cannot stop myself. Myself control just stop, I am trying everything to prevent me from eating everything in sight. Lack of sleep does this to me, and I am currently living through the effect.

I’m tired, but I know I’m gonna be okay. The night is still young and the task list is still long.. So, I wish everyone good night. I will march on until the early hours of dawn .. yes, it’s tough being a college student, but then again, who said this was gonna be easy? right? 🙂

I believe this quote is always true: “Nothing in life, ever worth it comes easy”

..and this applies to losing weight, doing well in school, becoming successful, developing an good relationships.. and the list goes on.

GoodNight World.

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  1. jewlz280 Says:

    Just do your best — that’s all you can do. On the weight loss AND the midterm! Just keep pushing through and you’ll get to the other side and finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR MIDTERM! 😀

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