Healthy Living Daily Record: 9/14/11

Breakfast: 1 sandwhich + 1 bowl of cereal  = 300 + 150

Lunch: corn chowder + 6 crackers = 200 + 150

Dinner: 2 bowl rice + 1 bowl fish = 500 + 100

Snack: Coeffee = 100

Total: 1500 calories

The good: I’m in my calories count

The bad: i’m running out of time. School is starting & I ain’t studying 🙁

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  1. jewlz280 Says:

    Good job on keeping up with your cals! 😀 And stop worrying about school so much! Worrying actually distracts you from doing as well as you could. I can’t imagine the number of brain cells we fry from worrying! I know I must burn a ton! LOL Anyways, school will be here for you soon enough and you’ll study then. Enjoy some downtime now and enforce good habits so that those will be in place once your life is more hectic. And hey, where is a new pic?

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