Disapointed- Life Lesson

I don’t care how much calories I ate today or how much i ate yesterday.

Just right now, I’m just so tried. I’m so disappointed in my mom. She lie to me and broke a promise she made to me. Eventhough, I’m not anyone important. I still feel crushed inside b/c my own mother did this to me.

I can’t help but cry. I can’t do anything to my mom. She’s not a friend I can just walk away from. She’s not a little brother or sister I can scream at. She’s not someone I hate where I can fight. She is someone I love so much and so dearly. So, I can’t do anything to her except cry for what she did to me.

She will probably never know of me shredding these tears or will I ever let her know. I’m so sad in my mom.

I can’t do anything. I hate it so much. I hate why I care so freaken much. At this age, I’m not suppose to be stress over these stuff. I’m suppose be stressed over fights with my friend or relationship problem with my boyfriend. I should be cry over poor grades, or a break-up with some guy. BUt not to be CRYING ON A SUNDAY NIGHT OVER HOW MY OWN MOTHER BROKE HER PROMISED TO ME!!! GOD!

I LOVE MY MOM BUT I HATE WHAT SHE DID TO ME TODAY!!!!! I can’t let her know that B/C I’m afraid She might get sad and sick and stuff like that. SHe is going through a hard time, so I can’t say nothing to her.

I hate myself. I truely do. I hate myself for feeling this way or even caring. I hate it. I should just have been like those other stupid daugther who go to night clubs, have one night stand with some random guy off the street. Use drugs and visist my parents once every 5 YEARS!! ARGGH!!!!

NO. I can’t do that. B/c that would kill my mother. I’m her one and only daughter. Her pride and her joy. Someone she can be proud of. Someone she would be proud to say “that’s my daughter”.

I guess I can’t do anything but vent here and cry. It’s always a sad day when someone you love break a promise to you. But its a sadder day if your gonna hold a grudge against them for something like that. B/c you love them more than anything. And that makes all the difference.

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