Healthy Living: Dealing with Failure

I got my math grade today. I got a “B”.

I don’t know what to say. I’m not satisfied with it. It’s my fault. ..I’ll update this post afterward. I just need time to think this through.

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  1. jewlz280 Says:

    I know that you aren’t happy with the B, but as long as you tried your hardest, THAT is what matters. If you weren’t feeling bad, could you have done better? Maybe. But, it’s done and there is no point in beating yourself up over it. Get back to eating right and exercising and before you know it, not only will your eyes be healing up but your brain will get back in gear with it. I know it’s hard (dieting sucks and dealing with other things while trying to diet sucks) but you CAN do it. You were doing it before and you can get right back to it. Getting back to healthier food may even help you recover FASTER because healthy foods help your body to fight off illness and whatnot. Just don’t give up!

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