Healthy Living: All Well

Most of my post lately have been very negative. It’s usually about me complaining about the things in my life.

Today, when I was cleaning my closet and finding something to wear, I realize something.

My attitude lately has been very very depressing.

I keep on blaming my current mood and lifestyle on my infected eyes. (And I believe, some of it does come from my eyes, that restrict and limit many of my daily activities). But as for my healthy living plans, it is truely my fault. Lately, I find it extremely hard to resist eating “unhealthy food”. I let myself go because I keep saying that I am sick so I can spoil myself. Thus, it was no surprise that I’m gaining weight….

But today was the last straw. I realize that even though my health is not 100% as I wanted it to be, there is no excuse for allowing myself to eat unhealthy things. In this past week, I have been eating unhealthy food, and I do not exercise, and worsely, I even over eat. This is terrrible. I need to stop myself.

I have work so hard during the past 3 months to get where I am today, and I’m not going to let my healthy screw things up to me. I still need to lose that weight and reach my ideal lbs. I am not going to let myself slip anymore. Eventhough I am sick, moody, and crancky, it does not give me ANY excuse to destroy the hardwork I have spent in the last few weeks. I will regulate myself to make sure I eat within the day calories as well as eating only the “healthy food”.

And.. I know its hard. But nothing that is ever worth it comes easy. And beside.. I already knew losing weight is a hard route.. so, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, right?  Life is tough, who said it’s gonna be easy?

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