Healthy Living: Wake Up Call

Yesterday, was another wake up call for me from Maplestory.

Yes, I’m going through a maplestory addiction withdrawal at the moment. I have came back to the game a month ago, and just a week ago, I decide to quit it for good since it was ruining my life: My grades & my weight & my social life.

So, I decided to quit. I have been inactive on this website, but that is not going to happen anymore. I am going to start focusing now, so please be expecting me to post more and more often! I miss you guys! The 3fatchicks community! 🙂 You help me through so much, and there is no way I’m letting you go!!

As for me quitting maplestory, I was greatly inspired by this post. I feel it addresses all the complications that often arise from online gaming:

I want to post it here to remind myself WHY I QUIT MAPLESTORY!

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  1. jewlz280 Says:

    Online gaming can be hard. It’s DESIGNED to lure you in for hours and hours. I will confess, I was BIG into Vampire Wars on FB. I got to the point where I was leaving my old laptop plugged in all the time just so I could constantly check on things because it would do new things at 3hrs., 6hrs., 12hrs., etc. I had to quit. HAD TO. I became obsessed. So, I understand. Logically, you know that it’s ‘just a game’, but it’s hard to walk away from it. Especially if you’re good!

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