Healthy Living: Daily Records 6/18/11

This is the Clinic that I volunteer at in Mexico: We are the Flying Samaritans providing medical attention to those who cannot afford to do so.

Breakfast#1: Cereal + Oatmeal = 350

Breakfast #2: Ham, Eggs, and Cheese Burrito= 400

Snack: 1 banana + 1 apple = 200

Lunch: 12 inch subway =500

Dinner #1: Los Flatos de creame = 600

Dinner 2: 1 bowl of rice = 350

Total: 2400 calories

Daily Activities: Sitting in the car (6 hour) + Volunteer at Health Clinic (4 hour) + Waiting for Mexican food (1 hour)


The Good: Well, I got to travel to Mexico for a day! 🙂 And I got to taste real authentic mexican food. But the most rewarding thing for me was not the food or the trip. It was my Medical Mission when I helped out this old man. I gave him a physical check-up where i measure his blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, and record the reason why he wanted to see the doctor. I was there with him through the whole operation. I got to see how he took his medicine and what medical condition he was facing. Then I got to browse through his medical records and see how his health have improve. It was one of the most rewarding thing I have every done. I love it. It brings joy to me that I could make such a difference in his life. 🙂

The bad: Well, it’s obvious that I consume more than 1000 extra calories. The reason to blame was because I got up at 4:30 AM in the morning to leave for Mexico, and the trip to and from Mexico took 6 hours. So, not only did I eat a lot when I was in Mexico, I ate many times too. Thus, I feel extremely fat. I’m not regretting wasting my calories on this trip. I think that it’s a great opportunity to explore the food and the culture there. So, let’s just say that this was a reward I give myself for working so hard and trying my best, in despite all my flaws, during the 3rd quarter of my freshman year in college.

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