Photography, a hobby?

I am thinking of taking photography as a hobby. But not like.. a serious photography. I mean “facebook” photography. Aka. Taking good pictures of myself! 🙂 And of course, to document the changes and progression in my looks as I attempt “Healthy Living”. And also, what’s better for a girl than to document her looks & beauty? 😀

Haha, I am been a tom boy for too long, and now I’m going to use my tom-boyish skills and taste to make a LADY out of me! Yea, baby. To look good, I also need pictures to document & record & admire &.. maybe brag to my mommy! Haha 😀

Website for Shooting tips (human):



Website for camera & method:




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  1. incontrol2day Says:

    I’ve been looking to buy a new camera! 🙂 I want to learn how to be more professional with my camera!

    Good luck with everything~

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