11/18 Check-In


Nov. 11th: 179.6
Nov. 18th: 179
– .6 lbs


Mon: UB Strength+HIIT
Tue: None
Wed: UB Strength+HIIT
Thurs: None
Fri: UB Strength+HIIT
Sat: None
Sun: Rest Day

Well I’m not as proud of my results this week. In the middle of the week I was down to 177.6 lbs. Then I went out for our date night and the very next day I was 1.6 lbs higher on the scale. Disappointed, flabbergasted, depressed; all good words to describe how I felt. I couldn’t believe that one “guilt-free” date could have so many negative consequences. I haven’t counted my calories since then and I went up another .4 lbs, and then down .6 lbs to leave me at 179 for the week. Supremely disappointing since I already reached 179 two weeks ago and ended up gaining .6 lbs the week after. I’ve also let my exercise days slip. I was doing 6 days a week, but after an injury I just started doing the 3. The injury isn’t bothering me anymore, but when I went to workout on my running days I’ve been having tremendous pain in my joints. It’s so odd because I ran the first two weeks without any pain at all. Ugh, I just don’t know what to do. My eating hasn’t been great, my exercise is off, and I’m gaining instead of losing. Some days this just feels so hopeless. Ah well, time to hit the gym and give it another go.

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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, Be Healthy

Well it’s been almost 4 weeks since I started eating healthy, counting calories, and controlling my portion sizes. I’ve had one or two set-backs (ie: binges), but I’m really proud that I’ve succeeded so many days in between and that I’ve kept going with this. Before, I could have easily overeaten/binged almost daily, and that’s something I need to remind myself of. I’ve made progress in the fact that now binging is the rare occurrence, not eating healthy.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, Be Healthy.

My new mantra for the day. 😉 So far, it’s been working! I care more about what goes into my body now because I know it determines what I get out of it– in regards to energy, appearance, health, and lifespan. I want to live a long life, be energetic and youthful and fit. The only way to do that is to start taking better care of myself. I fuel my body wisely and I train it to be tough. If I treat it right, it will do the same to me. I’ll be happy and capable for all my life.

At the same time, I realize that I do need a little guilt-free indulgence every once in a while. That’s why my fiance and I have a date night coming up this weekend. We’re having dinner and dessert at Black Angus, and I’m not even going to attempt to track what I eat there. I’m just going to eat super healthy and light the rest of the day and then enjoy our date guilt-free. I think it’ll be good for both of us to eat a meal without fretting over calorie intake. It’s just one night, and I’m going to have fun!

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Get It Together!

I’ve been slipping lately. A combination of stress and depression coupled with the inability to workout for a few days due to an injury. I binged. Hard. For like, the last 2 or 3 days. The scale has gone in reverse, but thankfully only a little, and not all the way back to the start line. I need to get myself together and find that strength which I seemed to have in spades for those first few weeks. I need to remind myself what I’m working for, what I’m sacrificing for. What do I want more: Some junk food and to sit on my butt all day, or do I want to be healthy and fit, strong and capable? Food is not the center of the universe, and it shouldn’t be a controlling factor in my life. I am stronger than this. I can overcome what’s holding me back. I KNOW I have the willpower to succeed, and I’m going to.

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11/4 Check-In

Time to look back on the week and see what progress I’ve made!


Oct. 28th: 181.6
Nov. 4th: 179
– 2.6 lbs


I started tracking Thursday.

Thurs: 909 c
Fri: 1015 c
Sat: 1580 c
Sun: 1141 c


Mon: Cardio+Strength
Tue: Cardio+Strength
Wed: C25K W1D1
Thurs: C25K W1D2
Fri: Cardio+Strength
Sat: C25K W1D3+Core
Sun: Rest Day

Overall I’m happy with the week’s accomplishments! I’m down over 2 lbs, which is more than what I’m aiming for, and I exercised 6 days this week. I feel great and I can tell there’s a huge difference in my endurance from when I started two weeks ago. I’m glad I decided to incorporate calorie counting into my routine again. I feel like that one high calorie day was good for me to help vary my intake a bit and keep my body guessing. So here’s to a week of hard work, and now a nice long day of complete rest. Back to work come Monday!

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Hello potential readers. My name is Today and I’m a compulsive overeater and sugar addict. I’ve done the weight loss thing before with great success, and am now doing it again after a somewhat less than successful time maintaining what I’d lost. I’m not big into introductions right now–it feels like I’ve done that too many times before– so I’m just going to get right into it. I’ve been working out for the last 2 weeks and eating right. I’ve started counting calories again and I’m working on a strict regimen for myself to get this weight back off fast, and for good this time! The most important thing for me has been realizing that this is not temporary. I’ve said it before, but now I really mean it, and understand the statement more fully. It means constant vigilance. My journey doesn’t end when the weight is gone. It is a lifelong commitment to my body; a promise that I will maintain it in the best condition that I am able. And so the journey begins… 🙂 I decided to start a blog to help me chart my own progress and record my thoughts on health, fitness, and this trek that I’m on.

Make a change, not an excuse.

That is my motivational thought for the day. As I sit here writing this I’m repeating that mantra to myself, preparing to get my lazy bones up out of this chair and onto the treadmill for my run. Today is Week 1 Day 3 of the Couch to 5k program for me. I’ve completed 5 other workouts this week, a fact that my mind keeps trying to use to justify letting today slip. I’ve been avoiding this all day, and the fact is, I just need to go do it. Excuses got me where I am– it’s change that will get me where I want to be.

Today, Tomorrow, Always. This is for life.

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