blue skies & Wednesday always make me smile…

or at least right now since I am off for the day. A day off, much needed, 2pm and I am STILL in my jammies! Spent most of the day reading blogs, doing dishes, watching tv..just giving myself a better frame of mind. 2 meals in today and NO cheating..ok, maybe a bit extra cheese but that is ok..this morning the scale showed me down a smidge..better down a smidge vs up a gain right?

Later after the s/o gets up, I think I might invite him to go to the new small bookstore in town. Buy him a coffee, sit and look at their selection of books. Small but new, so worth a checkout! I used to love the chapters designs, but now that they are indigo, the seating isn’tthere and you can not bring a book over to the starbucks section where they have chairs, so lets look elsewhere :). variety is always good.

The new shower should be at the store on Friday. we haven’t started to rip everything apart yet, no sense if it arrived damaged etc, so as soon as it lands on Friday at the store, we will start to take the bathroom apart…with help of course! Friends from work have offered (&I accepted) their help to do the bathroomm. The floor needs to be repairs after the flush is taken out, the entire bathroom stripped down to the studs and re-built from there. I AM SO EXCITED that it might work out well and I will have an awesome new bathroom!! And maybe not have to run around in the shower to get wet! hahah lack of pressure due to (hopefully) the difuser in the spout being defective. new shower heard etc..hopefully means enough pressure to make red marks! hahaha….this will be a welcome change from the 40 year 3 tone green ceramic tiles…*ugh* looks like a subway, not in a good way either! The grout was coming apart, it did not seem to fit right either, so this is good. if the time comes as well for me to have a tkr done on either knee, this will work out better for getting into! I am so excited!! this is the new shower..(no, we wont have a tub, but I dont use a tub, & yes re-sale might be affected, but that is ok.)————->

 Ok chickies, going to go and check on a few more blogs, then finish doing the dishes and GET DRESSED! Hahaha….lazy girl me!


Blessings & peace chickies, may this be a wonderful day for you!

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  1. A new bathroom! How exciting is that???? We ripped ours down to the studs and gutted it 1 1/2 years ago. What a morale booster! No more scrubbing dingy old fixtures that look dirty no matter what you do. Now, after cleaning, it sparkles like a jewel! Can’t wait for you to enjoy yours.

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