Baby Bunny Monday

   Have you ever seen a 3 week old bunny? Have you ever held a 3 week old bunny? If you have not, let me tell you how wonderul that was! I held 2 for quite ahile this afternoon and I am in love! My gosh those sweet lil things..soft grey furr and the sweetest face! i forgot to see if they even had lil tails!! A girl at work has 2 bunnies and..well, you can figure it out…bunnies are now separated and poppa bunnie is getting “the worx”. I had said I wanted to see them so she had her husband bring them in this afternoon when he came to get her..heaven..that is all I can say. If you are an animal fan you will get what I mean, if not, well…you ARE missing out on some of the sweetest things! Bunbuns!

      I went for a weigh in today…dang Mars bars diet. Actually, s/o said I was an equal opportunity eater. Sweets or pretty much anything I shouldn’t have and is in the house, I see it I will want it. He had me laughing so hard I had tears coming down my face..I think it was a bit about the stress relief of facing the dreaded weigh in and humour…all is good even though i was UP..Like 6 or 7 lbs up..but at that point, I was wearing jeans and it was an after work w.i..2 things I never do for a w.i. But it can be changed. ;o)

      Having the kidlets yesterday had me zonked out like a light…I was so conmfortbale today i did not want to get out of bed! I have nice high thread count sheets and they make the bedding feel like a duvet with the nice feel. Sounds odd, but feels good! I think the temo was around 6degrees last night…but with lots of bankets and those sheets…both Jake and i slept soundly.

            The kids had the dogs all petted out yesterday..never thought I would see that!! HA! Mckenzie was learning how to say new words, 2 years old and she could murder some pronounciations better than anyone! You could not help but laugh along and smile in your heart. jake is bigger than she is, but she was not afraid in the least bit..funny considering she doesn’t like bees! Small/big…she followed Jes all over the place. I will post some photos tomorrow…Sunday was a good day indeed….yes indeed it was.


hope your days are good as well my little chickies!

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