Sundays’ child is full of grace

  Or full of hotdogs, water & sunshine…at least today they were! My Godson Noah & his sister (our neice and nephew) were over today. Now considering we do not actually have children of our own, this was our fun time.  the kidlets had a blast, so did the pups. We coloured all over the driveway with chalk, hopscotch, skipping ropes (my knees do not let me jump) and I eventually gave Baby Mac (she is 2) (aka McKenzie) a bath. She loved having her feet washed…I think I must have washed any ridges of her feet! Then she swam some, and then we worked on getting the garden out from under her fingernails. how can little ones get so dirty? Who really cares as long as it is safe & they have fun right? Now they should be back in their home city and the house is quiet…dogs are on their respective beds (yes really ours…) exhausted and petted out..never expected to see that! Dogtown has been watched and I am slowly winding down.

            My sister (her kidlets) & I went to look for something at the 2nd hand clothes store and we talked about the upcoming wedding of Dad’s. Neither of us want to go. Not that we begrudge Dad someone to love him, just how he has seemingly forgotten everyone else…I STILL do not know the time when the wedding it! I THINK it is the 27th of May, or maybe the 23rd…I really have NO idea! This lady said she wanted the family to be involved in their lives….it isn’t happening. I was the only kid in the family on her side and now Dad & her have seemingly alienated all of us. My brother wouldn’t even go to the wedding but it seems he has to stand up on Dad’s side. None of us are included (that is ok) although she did tell me she wanted to me make sure anything they borrowed was returned after the wedding. Uh, excuse me, but I live in a different city  and have no plans on hanging around, especially since I do NOT own a 1/2 ton truck to do that…nor would I rent one for it! But Stacy & I will bring Nan with us to the wedding if she feels up to it. She loves Stacy, although she constantly forgets his name. She knows she forgets and we laugh about it. He is good for her, and it helps me. Having Nan there would mean something to Dad *since he did ask her if she would come* …even though the ass hasn’t made good on his promise to visit her again in the last month..I guess he has been quite busy..I mean, he only retired the next day! *dripping with sarcasm* and after all, one can NOT be expected to drive a whole 7 minutes down the road to visit his Mom…especially since she isn’t in control of her bankbook anymore. The truth is hard & cold….and sad.

     Onto other things…discovered a neat drink..Sparkling berry aquafina water….nice, tasty & it HAS to be better for me than the diet coke I have been drinking lately. I know there is some rule about calories vs sodium when it is too much, but dang i can’t remember it!!!! CRAFT disease strikes again.

     Watched Dr Phil the other day. Robin the wife was on it regarding hormone imbalances. It has me thinking..I am going to make an apt with my Dr and tell her I want the tests. it really answers allot of questions for me. I started researching it after the show, I was like “uh-huh, uh-huh, check..hey..THAT is ME!!!!! So, it would make sense..more sense than allot of things lately..


So, off to bed I go…thankful for the great day with my family & Stacy..& hopefully ready to tackle the week!

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