New circumstancies

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Just stopping shortly to say I haven’t quit -in contrary, I’m making some massive lifestyle changes right now that will facilitate fat loss but also the help me in some other areas of life. All is good, but I don’t have access to Internet for a couple of days, so I’m not writing. I’ll be back soon, devoted as never before and ready to scorch every ounce of excess fat! Blogging world, see you again 2nd of May!


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Ok…I think the bad phase is over. And it ended with me buying and eating my 1000kCal of chips and ice-cream, craving stop and hunger stopped. Is it really that simple the end a craving – you get what you want and that’s it? Cause I was trying to avoid those chips and ice-cream and because of it for 2 days I tried to muffle the craving with ‘less evil’ food and I ended up eating more than I should anyways. Cause when it comes to it, I could work out those 1000kCal in a day…it wouldn’t be the healthiest day, but I wouldn’t have to deal with the guilt afterwards…

I’m trying not to hate myself right now, because it wouldn’t do any good. I’m trying to focus on the positive – and that is – I’m back on track now,and that’s all that matters.

Refocusing on my GOAL:
I want to make a complete lifestyle change. This is not (just) about the number on the scale. Creating new everyday habits that lead to my health, happiness and a fit body are my priority.

Refocusing on my PLAN:
Small steps in the right direction, every day.
Concrete stuff for now:
– Regular sleeping patterns (11pm – 8am approximately)
– Eating at the kitchen table,without distractions and journaling food
– Exercising: TBL 30 days jumpstart till I master it and Walking with LS and Sh’bam as alternatives on rest days

I really dread stepping on the scale. Being PMS bloated and that cheating, I feel I can easily be 179lbs again tomorrow. But I’ll weigh myself anyway….It can show how my body acts when in PMS and when cheating, I never payed attention to these things before. And I’ll keep saying to myself ‘It doesn’t bother me it’s only feedback; It doesn’t bother me it’s only feedback; It doesn’t bother me it’s only feedback….’ as a mantra to help me get trough the dreadful weigh-in.

And I also promise to blog everyday.

Good night everyone :D

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I logged in just to say I’m outta control. Not the binging-on-all-food-in-sight kind, but still…I’m overdoing it on food and I’m overall nervous and not feeling well and hard to get along with. I’m bloated and I’m in the phase where I hate myself. Can’t fight myself today. Hope tomorrow will be better…….

Back to business

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So, Sunday I went hiking with a group of alpinists. And it KICKED MY BUTT. It was ten miles, 5 hours of hill climbing, I ripped both my sneakers and also got the worst sunburn on my face, ever. So I spent yesterday sleeping, moving just as little as necessary (blisters on my feet) and feeling broken. I decided to ease on the plan, and I ate a bit more.

Oh, and here are stats of the first week following a new lifestyle:
SW        179lbs    Apr 17 175.2lbs
Waist     32”                     31” !!!
Hips     42 3/4”              42 1/4”
BF%       31.3%                 29.48%
I was using this calculator for Body Fat percentage, I know it only gives a ballpark figure, but I want to know in which direction I am going.

Some other stats:
Counted calories for 5 out of 7 days
Did TBL 30 days jump start 2 times
Did Sh’bam 1 & 2
Walked 1 fast mile with LS
Had 2 delicious, sugary, sweet coffees

This week plan:
Count calories  6 out of 7 days (leave room for Easter lunch and popcorns on Good Friday day)
Do TBL 30DJS 3 times
Do Sh’bam 1 & 2
Walk 3 miles with LS
No dessert coffees this week

I couldn’t be happier about -3.8lbs in the first week :D And for this week I wish just to see 173lbs even if it’s 173.9 Easter is coming (we’re orthodox Christians following the old calendar, so it’s a week later in my country), so there will be distractions, but it’s just one meal, I think I can get good results this week if I just follow the plan on the rest of the days :D

Quick daily report

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After concluding yesterday’s report, I went out and had coffee (the one where they put caramel syrup and milk in it, so it was a dessert coffee) and some pistachios. But the night was so good and I’m not regreting it.
Scale was at 174.8lbs again, and I’m content with it : )

Somehow I went trough the day without realizing that the time is passing, and when I finally got to exercise I saw it was 9pm already. So I skipped :/

Breakfast was my oatmeal with seeds again (366kCal)
Snack was a sandwich – mixed grain bread, chicken breast deli, radishes, and than just half a slice of bread with honey (282kCal)
Snack 2 I mixed 0-fat cottage cheese with Whey (chocolate taste) and some strawberries DELICIOUS (244kCal but 40g of protein!)
Lunch was grilled chicken breast with lettuce and dressing on it and a cereal bar (412kCal)
Dinner (late,around 9:30pm) some cereal and milk (283kCal)

Total: 1587kCal    179g carb    113g protein     48g fat (finally not too much fat!)
The calculation says I’m 657kCal in deficit.

Tomorrow I’ll go hiking. It’s going to be a serious, long, couple of hours of hiking. I’m not going to count tomorrow (I will what I can, actually) cause we’ll be going to some restaurant leter. But I’m planning to order mixed salad and bbq-ed chicken breast. Hope they have that, but I really don’t know what to expect up there in the mountain….

Daily Report

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Skipped the weigh-in today. I just didn’t want to stress myself if I gained because of yesterday and I know it would only be water weight. I’m hoping I would be back under 175lbs tomorrow. But that’s a question mark because TA-DA PMS is in the house >:-I. That might be the reason I went a bit nuts about food yesterday. And I’m not making it as an excuse, I just have to start tracking my PMS symptoms so I can be extra cautious on those days.

Overall it was a good day. I had some cravings today but I managed not to give in (too much), and it surprised me, when I sat down to count todays calories, that I have eaten so little carbs. Onto the report:

Wanted to sleep longer this morning coz I stayed until 1:30 am last night, but mom made me get up at 8:30.
Had my oatmeal with seeds for breakfast (366kCal).
Snack 1 – I made omelette with leeks and cottage cheese and had some radishes with that (317kCal)
Snack 2 – Sunflower seeds again. It was a craving but I managed to stop myself at 25g (146kCal)
Snack 3 – Toast and plain yogurt (198kCal)
Late Lunch/Dinner – Stir-fry veggies, chicken breast, and some spaghetti with low-fat cheese. One cookie. Craving, but just one (593kCal)

Total:  1620kCal    139g carbs    100g protein     75g fat (wayyy to much, but it was because of all the cheese, eggs an sunflower seeds)

I also did 1 fast mile walk with LS and 35mins of Sh’bam 2, which leaves me with 829kCal of deficit for the day. Me happy : D

Daily Report for…

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Woke up feeling lite. Feeling great! My scale went insane : 174.8lbs. Wow! That’s a milestone broken. Less than 175lbs. =)

But it went downhill from there. I’m not going to make any excuses, so I’m not going to explain the little frustrations that happened yesterday and why I went overboard. I didn’t binge, or gorged myself, but I didn’t count the calories, and I believe I have eaten too much, but not catastrophically so.

The ironic thing: It happened on Thursday. Usually whenever I started a diet on Monday, the day I would cheat was 4th day – Thursday. So even though I didn’t deprive myself myself this time, I still found a way to sabotage myself. Like it’s a habit ˝It’s Thursday so all caution goes thru the window˝

The good thing: Had some extra energy, so I did 30min of Les Mills Sh’bam (offtopic: it’s an awesome,awesome,AWESOME, simple and fun dance program that makes you sweat but isn’t exhausting like a real workout. I highly recommend it! You can find it on forums, Exercise&Fitness section. I download all my workout DVDs there, and it’s a great site – it’s a mandatory bookmark), and I also did TBL 30DJS which equals 1h 20min of sweating yesterday : )

The bad thing: Ate entire baggy of these(Luckily it’s 295kCal)








Ate at least 100g of these  (488kcal/100g)   







Ate don’t know how much sunflower seeds, but the pile of kernels on my desk is pretty big. If I have to estimate it I would guess around 75g. :sigh:

It wasn’t all in one sitting, it was spread trough the day, so I’m not counting it as a binge, but nevertheless it is bad.

Lessons learned:
Don’t keep food you shouldn’t eat around the house. It will find a way to catch your attention.
If guests bring food to share during their visit, make them take what’s left when they go home.
Food doesn’t soothe anything. It doesn’t cure stress nor does it fulfill other needs.

Well it was just one unusual day and I’m going back to the plan. Because that’s how I’m going to be for the rest of my life, with the exception of some unusual days that will occur, but that’s normal : )

Daily Report (yesterdays)

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Got up at 8 as planned.
Scale surprised me this morning 175.6lbs! This ‘I’m not dieting’ plan is making me lose faster than I did when I pushed and stressed myself! That’s wierd….

For breakfast I made oatmeal (old fashioned oats, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, cinnamon, dried apricots and milk),but I made it slightly larger than I normally do. Also had half cup of fruit yogurt. (507kCal)

Snack 1 was deli chicken breast on mixed grain bread, with some radishes and green onions. (191kCal)
Later I had a craving for something sweet, so

Snack 2 was 2 slices of bread with margarine and honey. (285kCal)

Snack 3 an apple. (109kCal)

Lunch (finally!) was vegetable stir-fry, chicken breast on olive oil with cottage cheese. And two pieces of chocolate (15g)  (447kCal)

In the evening I was at the theatre and came home about eleven-thirty, fairly hungry. So it was a late dinner, toast and plain yogurt (198kCal)

For the day it totals to:

1737 kCal      232g carb       85g protein       57g fat

As you can see, my eating schedule got a bit hectic. Most days it’s easier for me to have two snacks between breakfast and lunch – which makes lunch my fourth meal and places it quite late in the day (around 6pm). Also, no work out, I planned to do 2 or 3 mile walk with Leslie Sansone, but didn’t squeeze it into the schedule.

Finally, I went to bad at about 1am, because of the late dinner.

Daily report

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This morning I woke up at 8 o’clock, sharp. Don’t you just love when you wake up naturally, without alarm clock?

Scale said 176.8 which means -2.2lbs down, so in one day I shed quite a bit of water weight : )

Breakfast was the same as yesterday – muesli with milk and sprinkled cinnamon (272kCal)

Snack 1 were 3 boiled eggs, actually one whole egg and two egg whites. I stuff them with water-caned tuna mixed with a teaspoon of mustard and teaspoon of mayo and it tastes really good and has 33g of protein. I added some radishes and green onions for some veggies.  (256kCal)

Snack 2 was a 35g bag of corn chips, 120g of strawberries with half cup fruit yogurt on them. (315 kCal)

Lunch was chicken brest (grilled on a tsp of olive oil), vegetable stir fry and some cottage cheese. (318 kCal)
Some times latter I had a few handfuls of sunflower seeds in kernels (146 kCal)

And for dinner a smoothie made of frozen cherries, half banana, half cup plain yogurt and some cocoa and chocolate powder. Oh, and two egg whites, I always add them for protein. (279 kCal)

Today I did 50min DVD workout – TBL 30 Days Jump Start which consists of five ten minutes segments: pure cardio, cardio with weights, upper body, lower body and core. It wasn’t super-hard but there is some room for improvement until mastering this DVD: I won’t be doing it for full 30 days, but I will for two or three weeks.

When I summarize everything it is:

1586kCal    164g carbs    102g protein    64g fat
My maintenance level is about 2200kCal (at least, that’s what a calculator says), and with those 50mins of exercise I should be almost 1000kCal in a deficit! Wow. And I ate delicious, all things I like, I felt satisfied.

Also, I am feeling great today. I don’t even have to think about being on a diet – I am sooo tired of weight being my main thought. I feel better by just taking couple of steps in the right direction. I am already getting some confidence. I am really positive this will work! Now all I need is time :)

The Plan – Small but doable changes

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Few days ago I decided – I’m going slow this time. It was difficult deciding to go like that, because I, just as every dieter in the world, want to shed the pounds fast, overnight if possible. But the more I think of it, the smarter that decision seems. Because, I cannot begin to explain you how frustrated I became fighting this Me vs Fat war. It’s been going on for about three and a half years, and so far the fat has been on the winning streak. So now I have to change my battle strategy. And I’ve tried various things in the past – but never the slow and steady approach.

I’m thinking like this: The best thing to do right now, and the thing with the most important longterm benefit is to set the stage for success. To develop a baseline.
I need to get some order in my life – diet-binge cycles are as far from order as you can get.
I also need to build some confidence that I CAN really transform my eating and exercising habits.
And I need to just relax, I need to stop being the obsessive dieter that is trying to push boulder uphill every second of every day.

I chose just three focal points, three everyday goals that will help me to get on the track toward success:
1. Sleep well. 11pm-8am every night
2. Eat at the kitchen table, approximately every three hours, for a total of five meals. Eat slowly and include some kind or fruit or veggies with at least three meals.
3. Exercise three times a week and walk more. (30 Days Jump Start by TBL and Walking with Leslie Sansone is what I have in mind for now)
+ Journal nutrition and exercise and count the calories. Just to see where I am and without specific calories-for-the-day target.

These are all simple habits I do not currently have and that I want to make a part of my life from now on. The sleeping part is obviously the most negotiable, after all I am young and I go out and stay late, but on the other days there is absolutely no reason to surf the internet or watch movies till 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. Also, I’m cutting out eating in front of the TV or my laptop, but there are no forbidden foods.

These are small steps, but I’m confident I’ll shed some pounds just by applying these simple changes. They say it takes 21 day to form a habit and I plan to follow this for two weeks and then add some new daily goals.

What do you think?