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Day one part-2

I’m sitting here attempting to recover. Yes I said attempting. I feel sick and weak and don’t want to move.

I decided to skip the fit test for INSANITY and start with day one. ( there is a reason they named it INSANITY)

I figured I would only do what I could and if I needed to I would modify the work out moves. Guess how far I made it…..through the warm up. It was pretty gruesome the way my body responded, so I wont give details, but you can imagine.  This is the 2nd time this work out video has kicked my butt AND now it’s on I will not be defeated by a video. I will try again tomorrow.

**I highly recommend to anyone who is doing any kind of work out to drink a quality recovery drink with in an hour, it’s benefits are absolutely amazing and you won’t feel so sore the next day.

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On February 21, 2012
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1day is today.

Well I guess I can start off with info about me:

I’m 30. (just turned)

live near Dallas, Tx

I’m down to earth, and have a wonderful husband.

I want to loose weight because I’m at unhealthy weight of 129 and should be at 100 or 105. Now before you say OMG that’s crazy you must know I am only 5foot. yep I’m turning in to a umpa lumpa!! Now think if I were to get pregnant!! I would seriously in bad bad shape!

NOW on to the weight loss…

If anyone wants to join in on just being committed with me.LETS GO!!

I used to be bad with weight loss and hope that this blog and support groups I’m joining are going to help

Goal for today: (even tho it’s late already) 1st work out, which is the fit test for Insanity videos and drink 5 glasses of water (I’m horrible at this)

I’ll let you know how I did tomorrow.

comments/encouragement/prayer all welcome. have a blast and see ya.

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