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So I fell off the wagon and couldn’t help it since I woke up feeling tight and sore all over. I could barley move my legs and my husband insisted that I take a boiling bath to get my muscles to wake up and quit being so stubborn. Who would have thought that MY husband was right! My legs began to work again and so I skipped     working out for yesterday, but today I’m back in the work out mode! I’m so proud that I have also moved up in water drinking. My current goal is now to drink a gallon of water a day.

* The more water you drink the more you flush your system of toxins and the faster you lose weight. 😉

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By 1dayisnow
On February 24, 2012
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round and round we go.

I won!! I made it through the dadgum warm up AND thirty min of the actual workout!! now on for more cleaning. Btw I haven’t been doing so well on guzzling water, I think I had like three cups yesterday.

goal : 5 today!!

My future kids better be proud!!

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On February 22, 2012
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Day one part-2

I’m sitting here attempting to recover. Yes I said attempting. I feel sick and weak and don’t want to move.

I decided to skip the fit test for INSANITY and start with day one. ( there is a reason they named it INSANITY)

I figured I would only do what I could and if I needed to I would modify the work out moves. Guess how far I made it…..through the warm up. It was pretty gruesome the way my body responded, so I wont give details, but you can imagine.  This is the 2nd time this work out video has kicked my butt AND now it’s on I will not be defeated by a video. I will try again tomorrow.

**I highly recommend to anyone who is doing any kind of work out to drink a quality recovery drink with in an hour, it’s benefits are absolutely amazing and you won’t feel so sore the next day.

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By 1dayisnow
On February 21, 2012
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1day is today.

Well I guess I can start off with info about me:

I’m 30. (just turned)

live near Dallas, Tx

I’m down to earth, and have a wonderful husband.

I want to loose weight because I’m at unhealthy weight of 129 and should be at 100 or 105. Now before you say OMG that’s crazy you must know I am only 5foot. yep I’m turning in to a umpa lumpa!! Now think if I were to get pregnant!! I would seriously in bad bad shape!

NOW on to the weight loss…

If anyone wants to join in on just being committed with me.LETS GO!!

I used to be bad with weight loss and hope that this blog and support groups I’m joining are going to help

Goal for today: (even tho it’s late already) 1st work out, which is the fit test for Insanity videos and drink 5 glasses of water (I’m horrible at this)

I’ll let you know how I did tomorrow.

comments/encouragement/prayer all welcome. have a blast and see ya.

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