Week 4-ish Report

According to my LoseIt! log, I’ve been keeping track of food and exercise since February 28.  According to my scale, right now I’ve gotten to 163.4 lbs.  Yay!!  I don’t exactly and totally believe my scale — it seems to vary from minute to minute (maybe the gravity in my bathroom fluctuates?) but as long as the overall trend is downward, I’ll take it.  I think I’ve honestly lost maybe 5 real pounds (as opposed to water weight, hormonal fluctuations, etc), which is pretty good for 3 weeks.  I don’t think I look any different (and the bulges still bulge), but the exercise I can tell is doing me some good.  I am not winded going up one flight of stairs any more!  Yesterday I did my morning Tabata, plus the run routine at night.  I can go 2 minutes without stopping, mostly uphill, with 1 minute walking in between.  It’s not a 5k, but boy is it an improvement!

Last week was mixed, some good days and some days when the LoseIt! bar was WAY in the red (over my target 1,464 calories per day, to lose 1 lb/week). and that’s not even counting Friday and Saturday, when I didn’t even keep track. Pizza and three (very delicious) beers for dinner, Saturday lunch at a Russian restaurant with friends.  Too much trouble to look up all that food, especially when I don’t want to even know the total damage.  Weekends are really hard. I’m tired, I want to kick back and relax.  Maybe I should put up a photo of me that I thought was my mom on first glance.  Oh, dear.  My mom was great, but I sure don’t want to have her shape. I look enough like her already.

So, pretty much everything I know I learned from a book.  Right now I’m reading another one that’s incredibly inspiring and helpful to me, even though you might not think it.  It’s a new book called , and it’s basically this one researcher’s conclusion that “willpower,” or “self-control” is an actual, measurable human thing.  We have it, we can use it up, and we can do exercises and use strategies to get more of it.  And believe it or not, it’s food related!  Yep, the willpower center in the brain is powered by glucose, which is a double whammy for dieters.   Think about it — when you’re trying to reduce the food and sweets, plus exercising more, you’re using up a lot of your body’s glucose and giving it less.  So your willpower has less fuel, which makes it SO much harder to resist another slice of pizza, or an Oreo. If you don’t have time to read the whole book, this summary (on a blog post I found) has all the best stuff, plus a link to a podcast with the author (I LOVE me my podcasts!)

Today I slipped up by giving in to a HUGE oatmeal raisin cookie for lunch instead of the veggie stirfry & brown rice leftovers I brought to work.  And then I was hungry, so at Reading Club after school I gave in to 2 white-chocolate covered Oreos (which were pretty tasty . . . )  I made up for it by having a big salad for dinner (the kids got boiled eggs and chicken tenders on theirs), but I’m hungry now in a way I haven’t been in a while.  So I’d better go to bed before I give in to something else. And keep on the straight and healthier tomorrow.

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