Week 4-ish Report

According to my LoseIt! log, I’ve been keeping track of food and exercise since February 28.  According to my scale, right now I’ve gotten to 163.4 lbs.  Yay!!  I don’t exactly and totally believe my scale — it seems to vary from minute to minute (maybe the gravity in my bathroom fluctuates?) but as long […]

Weekend Backsliding

Reluctant to even check the scale — wouldn’t be good news, I fear.  Friday and Saturday nights are the hardest of all week.  Pizza is my #1 favorite food, and when you can buy it frozen or refrigerated and just cook it, wow.  So we had pizza both nights, totally non-nutritional and LOADED with fat. […]

I’m Seeing a Downward Trend!

I’m still not really really sticking to the plan (haven’t run since Sunday and now it’s Wednesday night) BUT I think I’ve begun to reverse the direction of the weight scale! At least, it said 167.something when I got on Monday night, which is a darn sight better than the 171 I saw the last […]

Pluggin’ along

So now it’s March 3.  That makes, hmm, a few days since I started counting.  I’m not sure where I am overall with the calorie balance thing, but I’m feeling ok with the cardio-health progress.  I did my running program on Wednesday evening (1 minute+ running, 1 minute, or a bit more, walking, 8 time). […]