Starting Today

I’ve been piling on the pounds for a couple of years.  I can’t blame it all on my mom (though it’s been really hard since she died) — I’ll blame the kids becoming teenagers for part of it too.  There’s a whirl of factors that I have to address in order to really get where I’d like to be (in my head and heart as well as in the body category):

– relationships/friends/emotional support

– prioritizing exercise

– emotional eating/drinking

– physical surroundings (house management, clearing out, cleaning up)

My goal in writing this blog is to have a place to chart the ups and downs of the weight loss journey, the goal of that being to be at most 150 pounds by my 50th birthday, September 2, 2012.  Ideally I will lose an additional 10 lbs – 140 or so is my “best” weight.  Along the way I want to have better cardio-health (not get winded so quickly) and better cholesterol levels.  I depend too much on the support of evening wine when I’m tired or the kids are horrible, and aside from other issues, it’s way too many calories and wreaks havoc with my triglycerides.  I’m the only thing my kids have got, so for them I need to stay healthy.

Yesterday I ran!  I hate it worse than anything, but it’s the easiest (!!) and least expensive exercise I can fit in, aside from the mini-trampoline, and it was too gorgeous outside to jump inside.  I’m just going to have to forget being embarrassed that neighbors might see me.  Yes, I ate a few chips and had a few glasses of wine, but at least I ran.  Something is going to be better than nothing as I head down this path.

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