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Week 1

12pounds on Feb 19th 2012 07:12 am

I have started a fitness plan on paper many many time, and have lose the paper itself before day 3.

I am carring extra weight/fat/calories for my 5’3 frame. I am no longer fitting into my cloth, and itโ€™s unconciously killing parts of my self esteem. In the last 4 years of university, I have gain 17 pounds.

I never set a goal with a weight/number in mind, but this time, I want to try the opposite. The thing that is frowned upon. A number is the clearest way for me to see my results. (and get my back into my cloth, and stop stealing my moms)

I eat when I am stressed out. Not nessararly all junk food, but just A LOT OF food in general. A couple months ago I started baking sweets to get my mind off of a failed relationship. Cooking skills has gotten better, but I no longer fit into any of my jeans as it all went straight to my belly. After realizing that I been over-wearing leggings, and oversized tops, I knew this needed to stop.

My goal for the next 10 weeks is to lose 12 pounds in total, tone up, and in the process find some of the self esteem I have lost.

๐Ÿ™‚ cheers.


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