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Mari Vinson is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science from University of Nebraska and personal training certifications from NCCPT and NASM. Her work in fitness has spanned over the course of 10 years and she has been a fitness/nutrition freelance writer since 2008.

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How to Fight Weight Gain Caused by Birth Control

It is no secret that certain types of contraceptives have been notorious for contribution to weight gain. Most women have a wide array of choices from pills, injections, IUDs and patches–they may each contribute to weight gain in a variety of ways. All of these forms of birth control work by preventing ovaries from releasing […]


How Do You Avoid Junk Food and Sugary Drinks?

Junk food is the bane of our existence. It’s everywhere: fast-food drive thrus, sit-down restaurants, candy machines and supermarket aisles. This is an almost-impossible “food group” to escape. But if you wish to live a healthy lifestyle, it must be done. There are many perils associated with too much junk food consumption, but there are […]

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