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Kelley Gardiner is a freelance writer, mom, and sports fan in Portland, Oregon. Her book, Roller Derby for Beginners, encourages women of all shapes and sizes to start moving and living the life they've imagined.

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How to Love the Exercises You Hate

In a perfect world, we would find exercises we love and stick with them. There would always be room in your Zumba class, it would always be offered at just the right time, and your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend would be required to stay ten miles away from it at all times. Unfortunately, this isn’t always […]


The 10 Best Superfoods

A superfood is any food that’s particularly healthful or beneficial. True, it’s also sometimes a term used to try to get you to buy an expensive smoothie, but there really are some foods out there that pack a doozy of a nutritional punch. Make a little more room for superfoods in your life. Beans and […]


8 Stunning Salt Alternatives

Sodium, the nutrient we get from salt, is necessary and good for you. It’s an electrolyte that helps regulate electrical impulses and water retention. Too much salt, though, can cause problems with blood pressure, makes you retain too much water (bloating, yuck), and creates kidney problems, just for starters. You might need to cut back […]


The 9 Dumbest Diets

There are plenty of reasons why most reasonable people will tell you to make a “lifestyle change” to lose weight instead of starting a diet. One of those reasons, of course, is that some diets are completely goo-goo-bazonkers crazy. As long as there are people who want to trim a few pounds, there will be […]

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