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Liquid Diet

A clear liquid diet or full liquid diet are two types of diets that are generally prescribed following gastrointestinal illness or certain types of surgery. A liquid diet might also be prescribed to people that are severely overweight, though these people are carefully monitored by medical professionals throughout the course of the diet. The Premise: […]

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is unlike a lot of other popular diets. This diet is based upon the lifestyle within the Mediterranean (particularly Crete, Greece), and it is not based upon any one theory or diet plan. The roots of the documented “Mediterranean Diet” can be traced back to the observations of Ancel Keys, who first […]

Atkins Diet

One of the most popular, yet highly controversial, low-carb diet plans on the market today is the Atkins diet. Launched in 1972 by Dr. Robert Atkins with his book “Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution,” this diet plan is designed to help you achieve results by turning your body from a fat-storing system into a fat-burning […]


One of the latest products on the market today, popular in the weight-loss craze, is Hoodia. It is not a lifestyle plan or a dietary regiment that you follow. It is sold in the US as a dietary supplement to help suppress the user’s appetite. The Premise: Hoodia, as we see it on the market […]


Weight loss and diet control plans have been around for many years now, but few plans have had the longevity of the Scarsdale diet. Reality for today’s woman interested in getting healthy and fit often includes choosing a diet plan. With so many choices available, both new and old, how do you select one that’s […]

LA Weight Loss

The LA Weight Loss Diet, founded in 1989, is a program that utilizes specially designed business centers to support a counselor driven weight-loss program, where dietary plans are created and managed in-person. The program has typically found popularity with weight-loss clients who are seeking the kind of one-on-one contact and counseling made popular by many […]

Jillian Michaels Diet

From superstar trainer Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser), comes the Jillian Michaels diet plan. This diet plan is based upon a carefully monitored caloric intake, along with some individualized diet plans. The Jillian Michaels diet proves to be highly effective, since it is based upon pure fitness logic. The Premise: The Jillian Michaels diet does […]

Scan Diet

The Scan Diet was developed by a Scandinavian doctor who wanted to find a way to help people lose weight by using soy-based products. This diet is effective for some people, but might be slightly difficult to follow for others. The Premise: The Scan Diet includes three different diet plans: the Attack Plan, the Balance […]

Hilton Head Diet

The Hilton Head Diet was developed by Dr. Peter M. Miller. Miller determined that the average person only burns up to 70% of consumed calories on any given day. Thus, he decided to create a diet plan that would enhance a person’s metabolism, which in turn would help people burn calories more efficiently. The Premise: […]

Negative Calorie Diet

The hype surrounding the Negative Calorie Diet generated from an eBook that professed you could lose 14 pounds in a week.  This eating regimen has been popular since the 1990’s, and it is one of the few diets on the market that claims you can drop weight by consuming more food. The Premise: This diet […]

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