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Weight Loss Support: 4 Ways You Can Encourage Your Loved Ones

Offering weight loss support to your loved ones can make a big difference in their lives. Often when people are stuck in a rut, eating the same foods repeatedly, or turning to food to take away the boredom or lower their stress, the patterns can be difficult to break. The special person in your life may know that he or she needs to change things but doesn’t have the motivation or support to do it. Here are four ways that you can encourage your loved ones who are struggling with weight issues.


5 Consequences of Unhealthy Dieting

Unhealthy dieting can result in numerous undesirable consequences. Going on an extremely low-calorie diet that is devoid of necessary nutrients can not only sabotage your dieting efforts in the long run, but it often results in unintended health consequences as well. Here are five consequences of unhealthy dieting. 1. Binge Eating Unhealthy dieting can result […]


The 4 Worst Sauces and Condiments for Dieters

Sauces and condiments can sabotage your diet if you are not careful. The four following foods are the most insidious for dieters. These foods are high in fat and calories. Three of them have little or no nutritional value at all. Mayonnaise This oil, vinegar and egg yolk mixture is a fluffy mass of fat […]

Unhealthy Dieting: Why You’ll Gain More in the Long Run

Unhealthy dieting generally leads to greater weight gain in the long run. Extensive juice fasts, extreme calorie reduction, and an overuse of diet powders and pills may lead to immediate weight loss. These results, however, are often hard to sustain on a long-term basis. Defining Unhealthy Dieting The definition of unhealthy dieting can vary depending […]


How Interval Training Helps Boost Aerobic Capacity

Interval training is a term that you’re likely to hear thrown around by athletes of various types. This specific type of training provides a diverse array of different benefits to anyone who participates in cardiovascular activity, because it works both the aerobic and the anaerobic systems. Interval training consists of cardiovascular activity that alternates between […]


Yoga Postures: Sun Salutation

Sun salutation is not specifically a yoga posture, but instead is a series of movements which are typically done at the start of any yoga session, and are designed to increase flexibility and prepare the body for exercise. To perform sun salutations, start by standing tall in the center of your exercise mat with your […]



How Weight Loss Massage Works

Weight loss massage is a popular method of helping you shed extra pounds. Weight loss and massage may seem like two unrelated things, but research has shown that treating yourself to a body massage after a good workout may actually help you in your quest for weight loss. Read on to learn more about how […]

Aquatic Exercise: 3 Fun Options

Aquatic exercise is an excellent low impact way of strengthening and toning your muscles while burning calories. Working out in water is also a lot of fun, and a variety of different routines can keep you motivated and enjoying yourself so you won’t dread the daily workout. Here are some fun options for aquatic exercise. […]

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