8 Stevia Side Effects

Stevia is receiving a lot of attention lately. It’s the latest in a line of sweeteners meant to satisfy your sweet tooth while promoting better health than aspartame or plain old sugar. To health gurus, Stevia’s acceptance as a “safe” food product by the FDA means that the establishment is finally getting hip to this sugar alternative. But more cautious observers wonder if the herb has some negative side effects that outweigh its usefulness as a sweetener. Who’s right? There are some commonly and not-so-commonly reported side effects to Stevia usage. Here are eight side effects that you may experience when consuming Stevia:


Some users of Stevia have reported dizzy spells, although this doesn’t appear to be a long-term hazard.

Bloating and Nausea

Bloating, nausea, and mild gas–more common and not very fun side effects reported by stevia users.

Mild Muscle Pains

Other users have reported mild muscle pains, as well.


Some users have reported numbness, although this is not long-lasting either.


Some studies have shown that Stevia does, in fact, have a contraceptive effect on the body, although other studies have shown that it does not.


This is particularly controversial because in one study, Stevia was made into a mutagenic compound, meaning one that causes cancer. However, that study has been criticized for being poorly conducted. Other studies suggest that it does not have any carcinogenic effect on the body.

Interferes with Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that Stevia can actually lower blood sugar, which means it should be used with caution by people with diabetes.

Lowers blood pressure

Studies also show that Stevia may play a role in lowering blood pressure. People who have low blood pressure already should avoid using the sweetener as a sugar substitute.

Stevia was first introduced in the United States in the mid 1990s as part of the low-carb diet craze, as it does not have calories or carbohydrates. However, it was only sold as an herbal supplement. In time, and only after much controversy, it was granted approval by the FDA and is now available as a food product.

It has been designated a safe product by the FDA, based on the results of consuming 1500 mg per day for two years. Though it’s new to the US, it has been used by several cultures, particularly in South America, as a sweetener for centuries. Some people feel that since it’s all-natural and has been used in other countries with no apparent long-term side effects, that it’s perfectly safe for use. However, it is recommended that pregnant or breast-feeding women say “no” to the sweetener–at least until more long-term research has been performed.

As always, if you have any questions about the safety of Stevia or any other herb, consult with your primary care physician. She will be up-to-date on the latest research and will be able to advise you on which sweeteners you should use.


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  • yoda

    My understanding is that stevia can lower blood sugar levels to put them in proper balance. Pure stevia has a 0 GI and nourishes the pancreas and can be used to treat type 2 diabetes. Likewise, while it does lower blood pressure, it lowers high blood pressure, while not having an effect on normal or low blood presure.

    I use SweetLeaf brand myself and am satisfied with its purity and will continue to use to gain the great benefits of stevia.

  • tjenn

    Could it be that the majority of the side effects listed are the result of NOT using sugar or chemical sweetners. One’s body does tend to have withdrawal symptoms when shedding itself of nasties. Oh and as for the carcingenic thing, are you making that tea in microwave? These were band in the country they were invented in ya know. Just a thought.

  • Cecilia

    I put about a third of a Stevia extract packet in my tea for the first time and had some sort of painful, contractions below my left rib cage all day. Didn’t use it again and have not experienced this symptom since.

  • Cecilia

    Post note: I eat organic and don’t like sugar, so no withdrawals here. Was using organic Blue Agabe prior to using Stevia, but read it was as bad for you as high fructose corn syrup. Now looking for a new natural sweetner. Anyone tried Sucanut?

  • Mike

    Has anyone had a change of stool color when they started using Stevia?

  • Nadya Redd

    I have been using stevia for 6 months and I started gain weight drastically. Before I had used other sweeteners, and my weight was stable. After I switched to the stevia. I noticed some weight gain, after 4 pounds +, I still did not connect it to the stevia and cut my diet even more. Initially, I had not more that 1500 calories a day, after weight gain, I cut it to 1300 calories. In next 3 months I gained 6 more pounds, and only now I realized, that all it started with stevia. Is there someone who has the same effect?

  • Ronald S. Elliot

    I was useing stevia about 2 months ago, when about 3 weeks into the use of it I started feeling numbness in the bottoms of my feet, so being very concerned I thought I was ready to have a stroke I googled posible side affects from stevia and found there were a lot of people having the same symtoms.So I discontinued the use of it and it took a month for my feet to get back to normal.I found it very hard to walk with this condition now I’m better, I don’t use any sugar substitutes anymore and do not use white auger either I using sugar in the raw, don’t trust any sugar substitutes.

  • jennifer (50 yrs old)

    i have not eaten sugar in 8 yrs. i eat 1 or 2 pieces of fruit per day. no grains. my point being; my blood sugar remains very balanced. i do tend to have “reactive hypoglycemic” reactions. if i were to have a large pure fruit smoothie, it could send my blood sugar out of orbit. when this happens i simply get very tired, sluggish.

    i tried stevia several yrs ago. i remembered it gave me a headache. i grew my own, thinking it would be more pure. it still resulted in a headache. recently a friend insisted i give it another try. she loves it. i made myself a crustless pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. i make these all of the time using “raisin juice” (raisins steeped in boiling water). today (thanksgiving) i added 1/4 teaspoon to 2 pies. i licked the spatula and remains of bowl – perhaps 1 tablespoon. i had a headache in 5 minutes. next i felt a tightening in my back which i know to be a pressure when my gallbladder isn’t happy. i felt dizzy and sat down. after 5 minutes, i stood up, lost my vision and passed out. this happened to me when i used to eat sugar in massive amounts.

    i have normal blood pressure. i just had a complete blood analysis 2 weeks ago. everything was normal. i eat almost all raw food, no chemicals or processed anything. stevia feels toxic in my system. i will be throwing out the pies as soon as they cool. my reaction sent me straight to google.

    everyone needs to know their own body. what is good for one might be toxic to another. no one is wrong. what we can all agree on is that stevia is a strong substance if it is capable of lowering normal blood pressure to the point of making me faint or lower the pressure of a person with high pressure. certainly potent enough in many ways for all of us to take notice and be aware of all effects, good and bad.

    i will never put stevia in my body again. it is wonderful to have forums like this available online for us to learn about effects on others.

  • Anonymous

    Can I get some ciations for this article please? I’ll take my chances with Stevia, rather than super refined sugar-

  • Anonymous

    Also, just like some people are allergic to certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts, it doesn’t mean we should write off those items because some people have adverse reactions- there are still good for a majority of the population and in most instances should be a regular part of one’s diet.

  • Ellen

    I have had to limit my sugar intake for health reasons, so i thought i would try Stevia. This morning i put very little of it in my oatmeal for the first time.
    I had 3 reactions. 1. It supressed my appetite till i have not been hungry all day.
    2. It gave me a headache as soon as i ate it almost and it’s been with me all day.
    I still have a headache nearly 12 hr’s later.
    3. It gave me loose stool.

    So Stevia will not go in my body again. I wasted my money.
    It may help if you need to lose weight, but i don’t!
    Nobody needs headaches…they are bad company. I seldom have them.
    If you are constipated and need cleaning out, you may like it!
    ps: Instead of lowering my BP, it made mine raise and that caused the headache. So there is 4 reasons why i won’t or can’t handle Stevia.
    I am sensitive to lots of things though that may not hurt other people.
    For me…i cannot reccomend it. It seemed toxic to me as well.

    For what’s it’s worth


  • Georgia Latham, MD

    It is great that you recommend consulting “your primary care physician”, but it is a real stretch to state that: “She will be up-to-date on the latest research and will be able to advise you on which sweeteners you should use.”

    I am reading this article along with a real deal of others to get update my knowledge on sugar substitutes, but most physicians I know are way too busy to keep up-to-date on everything, and unfortunately, nutrition is low on the priority list of most busy physicians.

  • Tom Anderson

    I’m a long time type 2 diabetic that has just, within the last month, ‘discovered’ both the stevia extract and the packet sweetener and I can’t believe I found this article tonight! Over the last couple of days, I’ve had the uncommon side effect (for me) of (too!–>) low blood sugar! I’m 53 and also have been taking clonodine .02’s for high blood pressure. I stood up too fast the other day and came closer to passing out than I ever have.

    I think it’s awesome that this sweetener can positive effects on both of these issues; However, I have to admit that I’m concerned about there being nothing on the side of the box!

  • Jean Fisher


    What I’m concerned with here is that are people reporting true reactions to stevia, or the effects of adverse drug reactions when taking stevia along with whatever medications they may be on? Stevia is an herb and so, you do need to be aware of how it interacts with any medications you also use.

  • Gina

    I can say that (i) I am on no medication, and (ii) I eat a very very healthy diet (gluten free vegan). I was very excited to try Stevia because I thought it would help me curb my only weakness with sugar.

    Every single time I try Stevia the same thing happens… I break out along my neck and jaw and it’s painful and itchy. Very itchy. The itchiness goes away after a few days of not having Stevia. I have gone weeks before trying it again and the same thing happens every time.

    Now if I accidentally have something with Stevia (which is easy to do since they are now hiding it in EVERYTHING and just calling it “Naturally Sweetened”), I get that rash.

    It’s very frustrating that I am finding more and more products using Stevia and NOT using sugar. The same thing goes for some products that insist on using Splenda or Nutrasweet with no sugar alternatives. Nutrasweet and Splenda each give me migraines. Not worth it.

    My feeling is that natural organic sugar in moderation is really the best way to go. All of this chemically processed lab-rat sugar is plain bad for you. Not to mention they all taste horrible.

  • Barbara

    I tried Truvia recently. Gad! what a horrible aftertaste! Very chemically. I won’t use that brand again.

  • Lori

    Stevia Warning- White Stevia Contains Ethanol Alcohol


    I have been using “white” bleached Stevia for about 4 years now thinking it was a health product and a safe replacement for sugar, which I’m addicted to.

    Just 2 days a go I decided to give it up since I’ve developed some strange health symptoms and facial rashes, panic attacks, 3 day headaches, strange aches and pains, and nervousness, and lack of sleep over the last few years for no apparent reason and decided to stop Stevia cold turkey to see if that was the culprit. I eat very well and I’m healthy. Well now I’m having INTENSE withdrawl today! (headache, irritability and stomach upset)

    I went on an elimination diet with no results and realized that perhaps it’s the Stevia since I never tried giving it up thinking it’s healthy and not a sugar.

    I have found out that White Stevia is like CRACK and contains ETHANOL ALCOHOLl! Long term effects of ethanol are everything from cancer, irritability, psychosis, skin rashes and headache. Go figure

    I am not exactly 100% for sure if it’s the white stevia but it sure is looking that way. White Stevia is different than Green Unprocessed Stevia. Curious if anyone else is having strange symptoms while on Stevia?! My boyfriend drank some of my Stevia tea the other day, which he never does, he hates Stevia, and said it make him feel like he was on speed and that the taste was like sweet and low.

    Now I’m also wondering if the Stevia is the cause of the migraine headaches that I get, the depression, sleeplessness! 3 day headaches are not normal and very dangerous. so we shall see!

    I will never touch white processed Stevia again. I think it’s poison.

  • Lori

    Oh one more thing. My rash went away after stopping the White Liquid Stevia too 😉 I was getting horrible sores and rashes on my face like rosecea or sebborea which responded to no medications. It was HORRIBLE! My face is clear now.

    I really think food is our medicine. Here I have been using Stevia not realizing that it was unhealthy. I think there are a lot of false reports saying how healthy Stevia is. I really think the dangers of Stevia are starting to come out. and we will be seeing more.

    Thank you for listening

  • Mary Beth

    I have been having terrible headaches, thought it was sinus related, but now believe it was from Stevia I used in my green tea 8 to 10 times daily. I also had a terrible bout of depression and panic attacks this last month. I stopped the stevia and my depression has almost gone away, still having the headaches though. Maybe it takes more time to remove it from my system.

  • Soniya

    I tried Stevia today..I feel sick, nausea, throw up(very bitter) awful taste in my mouth, very gassy and bloated..never, never again. I will stick to my brown sugar, just reduce the amount.

  • Ann

    I’m glad I read this. I just bought some Stevia and will throw it right out! At first, I figured that very little processing goes into this product, unlike Splenda and Nutrasweet which are chemically produced no matter what there advertising says so, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. But as I’m reading the article, I’m wondering, “If this has been around for hundreds of years, why is it just being sold here now?” It makes me very suspicious.

    As for the headaches, dizziness, and anxious feelings, I’d say that’s got to do with the effect it has on blood pressure. I have very high blood pressure, and I’ve had more of those problems on the medicines than off. (And that includes the gas too.)

  • renzosamuel

    I think anything taken in excess will do harm in our body. stevia lower blood sugar and hypertension…… we should take it with the proper guidance with the Doctor. so that you will not experience hypo.. both your blood sugar and hypertension. Like MARY BETH experienced. everything should be in moderation

  • michele

    I just bought Truvia this weekend to use instead of sugar in my coffee and I had and instant reaction to it – my blood pressure went down, I felt sick for the next few hours. I stopped using it right away. I was concerned it might be the Stevia causing it and came to do some research on possible side effects. I’ve been looking for an alternative to sugar but nothing out there seems as a safe aternative. I don’t plan on using it again after this experience. I’ve had negative reactions with Splenda and most of the alternative sweetners. My goal is to eventually wean myself off of sugar completely.

  • Mike Queens N.Y.

    I bought protien powder wich containd stevia,i couldnt figure out why i was getting dizzy light headed panic attacks and chest pains. it took me 3weeks to trace it back to the protien powder. It also made me feel disoreantated and confused. All symtoms have stoped since i stoped taking the protien powder,this stuff is dangerious dont mess with it,use honey or brown sugar if you can.

  • Josh

    1st – article is not correct: Stevia has been around for over 100 years – in fact, it was outlawed by the FDA until recently to protect the sugar industry in the 1800’s because so many people preferred it over sugar. Think of how many people wouldn’t need diets if the FDA had not done this so many years ago. 2nd – all natural foods/supplements/etc. have [what you call] side effects – but what are just sensitivities of certain people to certain foods – – – none of what has been mentioned is nearly as bad as the “side effects” some people have to – say – peanuts. Stop being so inflammatory. 3rd – Stevia like other sweeteners can be overused – people who are on some kind of diet typically are over-users of something. 4th – Is anyone going to mention that stevia actually stimulates the pancreas – which people with type 2 diabetes would find to be very important information?
    Looking at some of the comments, it seems you are spreading more fear than information. Who would throw something out after just hearing a few reactions that a few people had? I think we’ve all heard of people dying from peanuts, but I find them delicious and there’s a rumor that they may be good for you.

  • earle

    I bought some stevia, dried leaves, in Penang from the Spice gardens 4 years ago, after the gardener listed the many benefits it provides and the long history of its use in Malaysia – I use a few sprinkles of the leaves in teas in place of honey or sugar and love it. Works well with any herbal tea and even better with a few shavings of cinnamon and cloves with a fresh mint brew. None of the side effects listed, certainly no aches or pains or sudden weight gain or nausea or headaches, just a unique sweet syrupy mild after-taste and less concern about teeth cavities or the other issues arising from sugar.Cheers

  • nunya

    First – this is .dot an article, like a legitimate news article or medical journal, but a blog site with a lot of very loose opinions. Try WebMD, or the FDA who has granted GRAS status to stevia just lime cane sugar.
    Second- steviais not and artificial sweetner, but a natural alternative to sugar. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it – just like the refined sugar you were trying to get away from.
    Third – refined sugar is directly linked to tooth decay, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and other life altering diseases/conditions, ever read that on the label of your G&W sugar or sugary cereal or soda? Why would you expect some kind of warning on a box of stevia reference potential issues affecting <1% of the population?
    Lastly – stevia has been used safely for hundreds of years all around the world, and artificial sweetners were illegal in Japan untila 2008, but stevia has been used everywhere there for years…they swear by it. This is a relatively new product in the U.S. and it will be a while before it is widely accepted.
    If you have odd side effects after adding stevia to your diet, consult your physician, not a blog. You may have an allergy (rgweed, mums, etc.) which has accounted for many of the symptoms from my review of medical journals. Your Dr can help.

  • Gary Jensen

    The best sugar substitute is Lakanto, made by the Saraya Company Limited in Japan. Has no aftertaste, tastes and acts like sugar when baking with no calories, and zero on the glycemic index, with zero additives. I have used it over three years. I am a diabetic 2 condition. This is an expensive substitute for sugar. The biggest factor in diabetes and obesity is wheat, All forms of modern wheat. I found that when I stopped consuming all wheat products, my glucose readings are manageable. with a reduction of inject-able insulin. I gave up all wheat products eight weeks ago and have lost 44 pounds. Modern wheat has been genetically worked over and has 42 chromosomes, and the wheat from the Bible Einkorn has the simplest genetic code of 14 chromosomes. I make bread and deserts out of other flour. Modern wheat has an effect on the immune system.


    Very Comprehensive and informative about Stevia Side Effects

  • Shirley

    I have been using stevia since I decided that I needed to lose weight about 8 months ago. I lost 30 pounds, and feel great. I use it to bake and for anything sweet. I do not use sugar or any other substitute, as they seem too dangerous. I use the Now Brand Organic Stevia, and I use it every day, and so does my husband. If it is harming us in any way, we are not aware of it. We both had physicals and blood draws to check everything, and both came out well. We are in our 80’s. So, I have no reservations using it, and until someone shows me that they were harmed, I will continue to do so. Cannot tell the difference in the taste from sugar, but only use the Now brand that is organic. I have tasted some brands that are bitter. This is not.

  • annette

    I have been using truvia for about a year and noticed extreme bloating and a massive increase of my ovarian cyst which was classified as a large complex cyst. This cyst just started growing larger and larger and has to be removed 2 weeks ago. I dont know if this was caused by using truvia but I am no longer using this. I will use brown sugar or honey in moderation.

  • f c

    i started on stevis a month ago. my menstruation seems to have stopped since i started using stevia. but on the positive side, the pain i used to feel in my knees when climbing stairs, has gone.

  • fadeke

    i started on stevis a month ago. on the positive side, the pain i used to feel in my knees when climbing stairs, has gone.

  • fadeke

    i started on stevia (green powder) a month ago. on the positive side, the pain i used to feel in my knees when climbing stairs, has gone.

  • Sunnee

    I’ve used truvia for 2 months now and the only bad thing I cansay is that it does have a bad aftertaste, I can’t have artificial sweetners because they give me really bad migrains. I love that I don’t have to use a lot of this sweetener and that it is not artificial! If it lowers my blood pressure that’s good too!

  • B. Young

    I switched to Stevia after reading over and over in every health article that it is the preferred sweetener; all natural and safe with none of those yucky side effects. I pushed past the bitter after taste and started using it regularly. I was so bloated and uncomfortable all the time so I just started skipping any additives. Then one day I decided to just use my old favorite Sweet and Low. And that is when it clicked that I was feeling awful since switching to Stevia. I decided to look up side effects and what do you know, the effects I saw are documented in research. well, I won’t be using that stuff again.

  • U of T Mythbuster Team


    We are students from the University of Toronto in a fourth year Nutrition Toxicology course and have come across this article. We decided to investigate Stevia in more detail and so we looked into the scientific literature and read many scientific studies published on Stevia. From what we have found, we believe that some of the claims made about Stevia in this article are not accurate. We have addressed four of the claims that were made. These were that Stevia might cause infertility, cancer, interfere with blood sugar levels, and that it may dangerously lower blood pressure in those with baseline low blood pressure. We have written a short review of our findings and why the side effects of Stevia mentioned may misinform the readers of your website. Our aim in doing so would be to help inform the general public on the truth about Stevia.

    “Mythbuster Team” from the University of Toronto


    Commentary on the article “8 Stevia Side Effects”

    Stevia is a plant native to Paraguay and Brazil that is commonly used as a sweetener and sugar substitute in Western society. It contains steviol glycosides, which are the sweet components of the plant. The two most common steviol glycosides are rebaudioside A and stevioside. The only difference between the two is that rebaudioside A contains an extra molecule of sugar. Stevia can be in either a low or high purity form. Currently, only the high purity form of Stevia has been approved for use in Canada. The acceptable daily intake (ADI) of steviol glycosides is 4 mg/kg/day and is expressed as steviol equivalents. The website, “3 fat chicks on a diet”, posted an article called “The 8 Side Effects of Stevia” that was published in February 2010. This article claimed that Stevia was commonly associated with 8 side effects ranging from mild symptoms, such as dizziness, bloating and nausea to more severe side effects, such as infertility, cancer and dangerous lowering of blood sugar and blood pressure. However, there have been several studies published that disprove some of these claims. As well, it is important to note that this website article does not provide any literature references to support its claims.

    Claim: Stevia Dangerously Lowers Blood Pressure

    It has been claimed that Stevia may lower blood pressure, which can especially benefit individuals with high blood pressure. The website article also claims that people who already have low pressure should not consume Stevia in order to protect themselves from further lowering their blood pressure. However, a research study found that healthy adults with both normal and low-normal blood pressure did not have a major change in their blood pressure after consuming 1000 mg of rebaudioside A per day. In fact, a different study found that stevioside did not have a major effect on blood pressure in adults who even had mildly high blood pressure. Therefore, these two studies refute the claim made by the website article that stevia may have a dangerous side effect of lowering blood pressure.

    Claim: Stevia Dangerously Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

    The website article also states that Stevia should be used with caution by people with diabetes as it can dangerously lower blood sugar. However, the article does not clarify that this risk only applies to diabetics who are insulin-dependent and are at risk for having low blood sugars after taking too much insulin. Moreover, one study showed that men and women with type 2 diabetes did not have altered blood sugar levels after consuming 1000 mg of rebaudioside A for 16 weeks (Maki et al., 2008). A second study evaluated the effect of stevioside in adults with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and healthy non-diabetic adults. The study investigators did not find any significant changes in blood glucose levels in all 3 groups. Lastly, another study completed in 2007 showed that stevioside consumed at 250mg three times daily for three days had no effect on blood sugar levels in healthy individuals. Therefore, the evidence from the research studies mentioned above suggests that Stevia has no significant effects on blood sugar levels in individuals with and without diabetes.

    Claim: Stevia can cause Infertility

    The website article indicates that Stevia can cause infertility and should be used with caution by the general public. There are few research studies that have found that Stevia may cause infertility, however, these research studies are considered unreliable. This is because many did not follow the regulatory guidelines for reproductive safety studies. As well, many of the studies used low purity forms of Stevia, which may contain other molecules that are harmful to fertility. In fact, only high purity steviol glycosides have been approved for use in most countries. Studies that were done using high purity steviol glycosides have not found them to cause any harmful reproductive or developmental effects. These studies used steviol glycosides that had a purity of 90% or greater. Since Stevia sold in Canada must be at least 95% pure, Stevia that is added to food and drink will not cause infertility as suggested by the website.

    Claim: Stevia Causes Cancer

    The website article claims that Stevia containing products may cause cancer and should be avoided by the public. Tests on bacteria and mammalian cells (in-vitro tests) show that stevia may have the ability to cause abnormal alterations in DNA (genotoxic). However, these studies used low purity forms of stevia and did not use standard testing procedures (such as using specific bacterial strains) set by regulatory agencies such as the FDA. More important than research on bacteria is research studies on living organisms. These studies have found steviol and steviol glycosides are non-genotoxic, do not cause cancer and may even cause a significant decrease in tumor formation.


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  • teresa

    i rarely get headaches
    and when i did use stevia

    i found myself linking it to this all natural sweetener with no calories
    we say sweet’ner dont we? not sweet en er
    it was the white processed powder form
    do u think the non processed will be different?
    im sad to say i dont think its good if people are reporting these things
    we dont know enough about this plant
    whats a gon’in on???

    im eating the Gaps diet
    with fish and beef stock
    fully satisfying and
    ill say i have faith that i can finally get happy
    eating animal fat and loose the sweet tooth that never left me feeling good anyhow

    Good Luck to everyone
    with love

  • Diogenes22

    I suspect that those who find fault with Stevia produce other non-sugar sweetners like Equal or Splenda. Now that the bitterness has been removed, and because it is so much better for you than sugar or other non-sugar sweeteners, it threatens its competitors.

  • Mark G.

    Your suspicions are only half true, I started using Stevia 4 days ago and today I woke up with my eyes puffy, teary and itchy; in searching the web I find many other people experiencing the same problem. I do not produce any other sugar substitute and to not have any economic interest in harming Stevia.

  • Cathy

    You are so wrong on this. I am just a personal user or should I say I DID use Stevia – and I am Diabetic. I’m going through getting off Stevia cold turkey = and I feel exhausted and so frustrated – and I crave that crap – but won’t go back to it. It is ARTIFICIAL in the sense that it has NO carbs – which messes with and fools your body into reacting totally wrongly. Your body prepares for real sugar and then gets “nothing.” It messes your system up. I know first hand. Before this, I drank pop with Aspartame. Was addicted to that junk and had to get off it. Then went to Stevia and it’s not good either. I could only afford the powdered packets version – and it has other stuff in it too. Withdrawals from both SUCK. NO more artificial sweeteners that fool your body.

  • http://www.thelovedoctorisin.com/ Annette Vaillancourt

    I have wondered about this. Since I started using Stevie I have noticed weight gain with no increase of calories, low blood pressure, low blood sugar and muscle aches. I am stopping it today.

  • Anise Leinen

    Who knows if anyone is still reading this… but still… Here’s the only thing I would be concerned about with stevia. We already know that at least *one* of the problems with other artificial sweeteners is that they artificially stimulate our desire for something sweet and actually cause people to eat more sugar and HFCS than they otherwise would. I have to wonder if stevia does have that one negative side effect, even if it’s free from all the rest. And unfortunately, if true, that one is enough.

  • Villainess

    Good question. My personal 5-year experience, sweetening all my sweetened beverages, non-yeast baking and cooking recipes, has been a near complete loss of a strong “sweet-tooth”. I no longer tolerate moderately sweet foods or desserts, though I still use similar stevia volumes to sweeten my coffee and teas. I have not lost weight, but am no longer gaining.

    I successfully grow some of my own in Northern California in my limited sun, but supplement heavily with a Trader Joe’s product. I did just discover non-organic whole leaf stevia in bulk at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago, so I might substitute with that. Whole Foods had too minimal info for me to buy that day. I’ll need to question their buyer. I also might challenge them as to why they don’t get organic whole leaf. It grows easily, without pests or fungi, so I don’t see why it would cost too much more.

  • Mike Reilly

    But this isn’t an artificial sweetener.

  • Ohmy Shrunkenhead

    I actually tested positive for intolerance to stevia a few years ago (ALCAT), and now when I do use a little bit of it I have various reactions, including panic attacks. Like any extract, it may be fine for some, but causes side effects for others. Not everyone reporting problems is attempting to demonize alternative sweeteners.

  • Wacky Kelly

    I have got muscle pain from Stevia. And remember this stuff is to good to be true.

  • Jamie Titus Silvers

    Stevia makes me very sleepy. I can’t find anywhere that other people has had this experience.

  • Hello^_^

    it makes me sleepy too and is making me gain weight

  • Mike Reilly

    What are you putting the stevia into?

  • Jamie Titus Silvers

    It was in the crystal light drink packets.

  • Peter Freund

    Hi!! You’re not the only one! Stevia makes me really really sleepy also. I tried it a few years ago and thought it was weird how sleepy I was when I ate it. Then recently I forgot about this experience and tried about 1/3 cup on some cereal and I was literally sleepy for days. So uncomfortable.

  • Hello^_^

    I began using stevia in my coffee in 2010 at the weight of 168lbs, nothing else changed in my diet but my exercise levels increased. today I’m 198lbs and no matter how much cardio I do, no matter how healthy I eat I gain weight while using stevia. it used to cause muscle pain and atrophy but not anymore, it also makes me really sleepy

  • Mike Reilly

    You have GOT to be kidding me. You gain 30 pounds and you believe it is from stevia and yet you keep using it for YEARS! Please.

  • Cathy

    Saccharin is one of the WORST things you can use. Please get away from that stuff.

  • Mike Reilly

    hmm lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels. YIKES it is satin lol

  • Asok Asus

    Stevia gave both myself and my wife excruciating headaches immediately after consumption; we tried several forms: highly refined, natural, etc. They all caused the same horrible effect.

  • Anise Leinen

    Everyone needs to get off all added sweeteners, no matter what they are. End of story. Non-nutritive sweeteners all cause weight gain– that has now been PROVEN. A recent study showed that lab rats gained MUCH more weight with both Nutrasweet and Stevia than they did with sugar. Get rid of the non-nutritive sweeteners whether they’re artificial or natural, and then get rid of all added sugars. Don’t put anything in your mouth that tastes sweet unless it’s a piece of fresh fruit!!!

  • Robert Keith

    Stevia is a plant and is not the cause of any health problems. Your attributing health to this plant because you dont have the willpower to lose weight. Its easier to blame aomething other than yourself. The only way you could have any problem with a plant is if your sensitive or allergic to it. Would you stop using fear mongeribg. If they tell you basil leaf can cause health problems would you believe them. Same diffetence. Being allgeric to stevia or basil is very very rare.